On this page, you can find plenty of information about NSKV SkunK. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please contact nskvskunk@gmail.com.

What is korfball?

Korfball is a game that is often described somewhere between netball and basketball with the aim of putting as many goals as possible through the 3.5m (11,5 feet) high post, the ‘korf’. Korfball is a fast-paced team sport, with teams of 4 boys and 4 girls (or only 8 girls) aiming to shoot a ball into what is essentially a small and tall hoop. Ever since you are not allowed to walk while holding the ball, cooperation with your fellow teammates is indispensable. As opposed to many, it doesn’t make the game boring or sluggish. Actually, it makes it a very dynamic sport, which requires good physical condition. Because of the weather, we play for half a year indoors, and half a year outdoors on grass.

About NSKV SkunK

NSKV SkunK was founded in 1991 and it is a korfball club specifically for students. NSKV stands for ‘Students Korfball Club Nijmegen’. What makes SkunK special for students is the fact that apart from the sportive aspect, the social aspect is very important as well. A lot of activities and parties are organized to interact with fellow members. If you are not interested to play matches, you have the opportunity to just train and/or visit the social activities.

Why korfball? Why Skunk?

Korfball is traditionally a Dutch sport that originated in the Netherlands. However, the last decennium korfball has become more popular all over the world. At this moment, in more than 60 countries across the world, korfball is being played. Nevertheless, nowhere it is as popular as in the Netherlands. So, if you want to be part of something really Dutch, we recommend you join a korfball club!


We train twice a week in two groups: on Monday and Thursday at the Radboud Sport Centre. If you’re interested in joining the trainings or just want more information about SkunK, you can contact us at nskvskunk@gmail.com. We would like to welcome you!

Korfball at (international) tournaments

Ever since, korfball is such a popular sport in the Netherlands, we are not the only student korfball club. Many other student korfball clubs are located across the Netherlands. These student korfball clubs form a tight community that organizes a tournament (almost) every month. These tournaments take place on the weekend. On Saturday, there is a party with all the other clubs and on Sunday the matches take place. Tournaments are a great opportunity to meet fellow korfball players from across the Netherlands.

Activities and drinks

Besides the tournaments, SkunK organizes activities of its own. Once a month, the board tries to gather everyone together for a drink at Cafe Tappers in the center of Nijmegen. Even more, our activities committee organizes an activity once a month. You can think of BBQs, movie-nights, Mans/Ladies Nights, and many more! And yearly we organize a weekendtrip as well (in June). On a weekly basis, we drink something together after trainings and matches. If you are only interested in these activities, it is possible to submit without having to play korfball. For the people who do want to play korfball, as a member you have the opportunity to come to these events, however, it is not obligatory!

Come and give it a try!